Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Afternoon

It was such a good weekend in many ways.  God is working and I am seeing life change happen daily.
  • Got an email from a great friend.  His teenage son accepted Jesus yesterday...something we have been praying for.
  • Excellent day at The Community yesterday with Mike and Marsha Edens sharing about their son, Isaac, who had a stroke before he was born, numerous strokes after and then brain surgery.  This little guy is a miracle.  They live in Sparatanburg, SC and would be a great testimony for you (let me know if you want to contact them).
  • Our small group watched FireProof last night, and it was excellent again.
  • My kids continue to bless me big time.  Some of them have had some sickness.  But they are growing way too fast.
  • Love the outreach we have into the community around the church.  Our folks are really excited about upcoming events (this weekend Valentine special of health fair and clothes closet along with feeding the homeless on Sunday).
  • I love our worship team.  They do an awesome job every Sunday.  Praying for them today!
  • Our back to school stuff for kids this coming August is gonna be awesome.  Can give you all the details yet, but it is coming together in big ways.  We will be blessing 500 children.  More soon.
  • Loved having a little extra time to be quiet this weekend since I did not have to preach Sunday.  But I watched God do some great things.
  • We have a new kitchen floor and some awesome people in our church that made that happen.  David, Doug and Tammy are awesome people!
  • I started working out last week with a guy who goes to our church.  Did that again this morning.  I want to get in better shape and maybe even loose some of my shape if you know what I mean.
  • Last big thought, this coming weekend is Valentine's.  Gonna have to be creative.  Our budget is working but is tight.  One of the things we heard and beleive is this: we have to live like we don't want to live for a while so we can live like we want to live later.  That makes sense.  But tightening your help is never easy.  God provides.  My wife, because of Valentine's, will be blessed.  Just ask her next Sunday (but wait until then).
  • More coming later this week as far as announcements and stuff that I am excited about.

That is it for now.  Tune in later for more...

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