Monday, February 16, 2009

monday afternoon

This was a huge weekend for most of us.  Valentine's Day is one of those times when you just hope that you do enough (and I think I did will have to ask my lovely wife).  But it was also a busy time at church.  So let me give you a run down and just unload or unpack some of my thoughts for ya.
  • began the Warrior series and had some tremendous conversations with people who are seeing God do great work in their lives.
  • Sunday evening was our 2nd time feeding the homeless with Metro Ministries in Roanoke. We took 29 of our people, and our folks are flat excited about this ministry (bringing it back here before long).  See this post from one of our people.
  • met several new friends at The Community and had a great experience with them this weekend.
  • for sometime our leaders have been watching the trends and noticed that when we have big crowds that we have low offerings and vice verse.  Not yesterday. Excellent crowd and a good offering.
  • Saturday was our monthly clothes closet that ministered to 55 families of which 29 were first time visitors.  We partnered with another organization to have a health screening and they too had an excellent crowd.
  • Satan worked this weekend.  What else do I expect?  God is doing awesome things.  Satan isn't happy.  By the way, God won and keeps winning!!!
  • I work with some great people.  They go far beyond what I expect almost all of them time. Our volunteers this weekend left me in awe of their giftedness and their giving.  Even several folks who have never served before.
  • Thinking about ways we can engage folks who are only attending and not serving (some cool stuff coming).
  • Planning for a big event with Joe Sangl in April.  This guy is the guru of teaching ya how to stick to a budget and to live the way God intends for us to live and give what God intends for us to give.  Check him out at
  • Looks like our back to school event in August will be bigger than we first thought (and that is good).  Listen for details and get ready to praise God.
  • the sale of the church building in Martinsville will be complete soon.  This is a praise report of major proportions.
  • Our teens went last Wednesday night to the Henry County food pantry to pack food boxes. Great job to our students who, as per the gentleman over that work, packed more boxes in a shorter period of time than most.
  • Last thing, have talked to some people in the last day who are ready to start living as God intended ... serving and with hope.  Makes ministry sweeter and worth it.

I love what I get to do and this is going to be an excellent week.YES!!!

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