Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tribute to Dr. Michael Guido

It was the fall of 1991 when I first met Dr. Guido. I visited his
office in Metter, Georgia and was touched by this man's compassion and
love for God. We continued meeting from time to time which I consider
some of the best mentoring I've ever had.

From the mid to late 1990's I met with a group of pastors and Dr.
Guido once a month at the chapel in the garden for prayer. The insight
from those meetings has and will never leave me.

When Michael Guido said he was praying for me, I knew how true that
was and it brought me comfort and insight. My wife and I were invited
to spend an evening with Michael and Aubrey about 10 years ago. Their
agenda was to encourage us. And that they did well.

His commitment to sharing the Gospel of Jesus is seen in few other
people I have known. His passion and his faith have guided me in
ministry and in life. I remember walking by the prayer board at Dr.
Guido's office and seeing what they were praying for. Then weeks or
days later hearing how God answered prayer. What a huge testimony he
is for Jesus.

The people that this man influenced is far greater than any of us will
know, but he influenced me in huge ways. I will never be the same.

I really thank God for the few minutes I had with Dr. Guido at
Christmas (2008) in the Gardens that were bright and shining for Jesus
and he was sharing with people who visited him in the chapel.

Last night, February 21, 2009, Michael Guido entered his real home.
The one he talked about in Heaven. "Well done" was the word. Then I am
sure that many people pointed to this gentle man from rural south
Georgia that led them to meet Jesus. What an awesome place Heaven is.

If you didn't know him, visit Please pray for
Audrey whose health continues to fail, pray for the family, pray for
his gracious staff and pray for those who will miss him so much
(including many of us)

Thank you, God, for allowing me to meet and be touched by the vision,
passion and love of Dr. Michael Guido.

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