Monday, March 16, 2009

10 Things You Must Know About People

I'm a copying a blog here from Scott Williams who is one of campus pastos.  This dude encourages me a great deal and will push you to do more in ministry for more people in creative and productive ways.  Check out his blog  Read on for an insightful post....

10 Things You Must Know About People

By Scott Williams on People

top-10Life is about people, leadership is about people, parenting is about people, relationships are about people… people people people!   In order to be successful in this world we live in and especially as a leader you must truly understand and know people.  Not the H&R Block "I know people" but rather know what truly makes people tick. 

Years ago a read this little Quote/Leadership book by John Maxwell entitled "The Choice is Yours."  In that book there was one "Top 10 List" that really put into words what I'd always thought about people and highlighted the approach I try to take as a leader.   The list was titled "10 Things You Must Know About People" check it out below:

  1. People are insecure… Give them confidence
  2. People like to feel special… Sincerely compliment them
  3. People look for a better tomorrow… Show them hope
  4. People need to be understood… Listen to them
  5. People lack direction… Navigate for them
  6. People are selfish… Speak to their needs first
  7. People get emotionally low… Encourage them
  8. People want to be associated with success… Help them win
  9. People desire meaningful relationships… Provide community
  10. People seek models to follow… Be an example

Do you have any additional thoughts?  Do any of these 10 resonate with you?


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