Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Morning

We had a great weekend.  Truly this feels more like a Monday than a Tuesday because of the weather that pretty much shut us down for more than 24 hours.  So, here are some random thoughts, sort of a mind dump, from the last 72+ hours.  Enjoy.  Pray.  Join in and get ready because we are about to see God do some might big things!
  • began the weekend with the kids being out of school on Friday (and on Monday) for teacher workday or something.  I love my kids and had loads of extra time with them this weekend.
  • love watching Ryan play Upward Basketball.  He is 5 years old and has come a long, long way in learning.  This was his day to be player of the week.  I'm proud of our little boy.
  • Saturday afternoon was a real treat. I planned a date for my wife and I, just the 2 of us.  Had to run some errands in Roanoke.  We had dinner, walked around, talked and the like.  It was good.  Haven't had an extended just us time in while.  We drove home in the snow.  Kind of stressful but was real good to be with my precious Julie.  I love her and am grateful that she is on my team and is my support.  I need to support her better.
  • Sunday morning was huge at The Community.  We welcomed a dear friend, Bill Barker who leads www.arministry.org that does ministry in the Appalachias.  Great stories that fed who we are.  Heart wrenching and vision casting stuff.
  • What hit me most about Sunday was that so many of our people said I'M IN to the vision we share of demonstrating the love of God to our community through ministry to the poor and the homeless.  Lots of great stuff coming.
  • We were to begin the FireProof Bible study in our small group Sunday night, but the snow kept our groups from meeting.  Next week!
  • The weekend ending with 8 inches of snow.  YES, 8 inches which is the 2nd biggest snow we have seen since moving to Virginia a little less than 8 years ago.  Loved going out in the stuff with the kids, taking pictures and enjoying it.  Good family times!
  • Back in the office and trying to deal with a very short week.  Lots to accomplish.  Lots of people to encourage.  Even some dreams to put feet and hands to.  I love what I get to do and I love the people I get to work with.
  • Gonna spend most of this week with Bob and Doug from church as we go help Bob and Cathy Ford move back to Martinsville from Jackson, MS.  Bob Ford is the founding pastor of the House of Prayer which is the church we merged with last summer.  Having Bob and Cathy with us is going to be wonderful.  Partners in ministry.  Friends. Someone to understand and listen AND to help share about God.
  • I've said it once.  I'll say it again.  I love the people I get to work with.  The leadership team at The Community and so many of our volunteers get it.  They really lock arms with Jesus and do the work.  There are so many awesome things ahead of us.

So, I pray.  "Father, guide us and guard us.  Guide us through the things that don't seem to matter but are huge.  Guard us from the things that don't seem big but could tear us apart.  God, inspire us and indwell us.  Inspire us with the vision for reaching our community and with the passion we need to meet people where they are.  Indwell us so others, our family and our friends and even those we don't know, see Jesus living in and through our actions and our words.  Thank you for making us effective for your kingdom's growth and good.  Please help us loose ourselves in you.  In Jesus' name, Amen."

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