Friday, March 13, 2009

UNLEASH: session #1 by Perry Noble

These are a portion of my notes from UNLEASH at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC where Perry Noble is pastor.

Unleashed 2009                                                                        Main Session #1

There's been a serious communication breakdown between Jesus and his church.

Matthew 16:18 ... Church belongs to Jesus

Breakdown—we're asking God to build our church not his church.

It's HIS church

Wrestle with 3 Questions for the Church from 2 Kings 7


1.       Are we willing to embrace change?


The church has to change so we can reach people—message doesn't change.


2 Kings 7:3-4


We are often 1 to 2 steps away from doubling in size if we will just make a few changes


When the church becomes as valuable to us as the stock market something will change.


If you're not comfortable with change you won't be comfortable with the voice of God.


We can call it in other churches (the change) but can we call in ours.


Change or Die—it's our choice   see Acts 1:14-15

A move of God is messy—R U Comfortable?

You can't manage a move of God.  see Acts 2:4, 4:4, 32-37

Don't let the money drive the vision...If it is God's will it is God's bill   see Acts 6:1-7

Willing to change? Get volunteers involved. The world is spending money on our kids, Why aren't we doing it.

Acts 8:1,4

We need to stop competing with one another and start completing each other.


2.       Are we willing to work?

2 Kings 7:5-7

Stop seeking permission and start submission

·         Investigate the obvious

-is there anything in our church we are manufacturing energy for?

-I care more about Jesus then my pride.

·         Ignore the Jackass

-Keep casting the vision

2 types of Jackasses:

                                    -take shots, never been to your church

                                    -in church says I want to go deeper

3.       Are we serious about reaching the world?

4 terms: Contemporary, Blended, Missional, Emergent

            2 Kings 7:8

            Called to reach the city and set them free

            Obessed with the numbers because I was one of them.  see Acts 2:41,47,4:4,5:14,6:1,9:31,11:21,14:1,14:21,16:5

The church has been cruising around but they've got so much power that if they would just STOMP IT---it would blow our minds

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