Friday, March 13, 2009

UNLEASH: session #2 by Perry Noble

These are a portion of my notes from UNLEASH at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC where Perry Noble is pastor.

Unleashed 2009                                                Main Session # 2

    If you want a church to reach its maximum potential, the leader must be on fire.

      Exodus 33

  Staying in the Game ( 4 questions)

1.        Who is with Me?

v. 12           You can't expect people to buy into you unless you buy into them.

2.       Am I pleasing you? (Ask God)

v.13            We can't expect to be powerful publicly if you aren't yielded to him privately

Do I depend on God or on people?

Am I willing to live by faith?

Am I prostitute or prophet of the church? (pastoring for pay or because I'm called)

Do my people say that was a good service or does God say that is a great service?

Do I understand that ministry is received and not achieved?

Do I depend more on my abilities than the anointing of God?

2 Corinthians 4:1

Mercy of God—he knows my flaws and still called me'

Am I placing limits on me that God isn't placing on me?

2 Corinthians 4:7

The unlimited power of God hides inside you.

3.       Will we see you?

My little girl starred at the toilet then Kissed the toilet and then kissed me.  God said in my spirit that is what we try to do to him.

Exodus 33:14-17

      When the presence of God shows up, there is conviction and repentance.

v. 15 Moses said if you're not with us, don't let me go. I want your presence God.

Do I want attendance without repentance?

It is not a bad thing when people leave the church.

When you start begging God for his presence, you will see a move.

4.       What's next?

v. 18   Show me Your glory-

Please let people see how awesome you are God.

Time to turn the tide on the decline in salvations

"I want the ball"   NO MATTER WHAT

Only when you have the ball can you move down the field.

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