Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ARC all access: Ed Young Jr (session 2)

Notes taken from ARC's All Access Conference at C3 Church, April 27-29



- the church should be the most innovative thing in the universe


10.5 commandment of creativity


1. ask the creative questions (ASK --- always seeking knowledge)


- asking questions will keep your passion hot and keep you in the right path you began in from God.

- beautiful rhythm when you are in talks, communication sharing with others

- show me someone who is asking questions,

- 4 kinds of questions: what does it confirm, what should I cancel, what can I copy from you, what should I innovate or creat


2. though shall speak to the chairs


- the empty chair: someone not there yet, don't know God yet

- the high chair: baby in Christ

- the 3rd chair: those mature in Christ

- what do I need to say AND what should I tell the people in the chairs to do? Ask these before you speak

- 40% information, 60% application


3. its all about the weekend


- so goes the weekend, so goes your church

- talk about the vision of the church.

- the weekend will energize the rest of your ministry.  So keep the weekend the most important

- talk about the vision all the time.  You cannot do it enough.

- do a vision series once a year


4. though shalt ride the theta wave


- match God's rhythm

- if you don't take breaks, your schedule will kill you

- theta waves happen when you are relaxed

- leadership is measured more in your absence than your presence

- take breaks: the natural breaks [holidays], miss weekends straight,

- your best thoughts and your most creative times come in the breaks

- preaching wears you out

- take breaks with people you enjoy hanging out with


5. thou shalt always plan with a team


- build a creative a team

- 5 reasons: fresh flow of creative ldeas, gives you confidence in what you are sharing, critique, great training ground for speakers, helps you to know who is in the house

- group of people stretch you

- I am the creative bottleneck behind the situation

- ask the questions, bring people around you

- we are all creative geniuses

- teach your kids to be creative


6. thou shalt not steal an idea without making it better


- find people in your flow and use their ideas.

- ideas that other people are doing will add flavor

- its draining to think of creative things

- Jesus came from top to bottom to bring us from bottom to top


7. thou shalt keep your distance from crazy people


- crazy people will rob you of your creative people

- some people don't look crazy, but they are

- expend all your energy on the crazy people, there is nothing left

- crazy people: crazy eyes, playing the God card, name dropper, one up men, they will blow your phone up, ask advise but don't take it, always talking about themselves, they don't have a filter, one issue people, space invaders, dress in the uniform of the team they are cheering for, they enjoy their dysfunction, they have crazy people, they answer phone "yyyellow", when you speak they are either the first one up to you or the last one to talk to you.


8. thou shalt hire YES people


- yielded


9. thou shalt grow by strategic subtraction


- see who is leaving your church

- no matter what you do, people will leave your church


10. thou shalt not covet other people's ministry


- you have got to be you


10.5   thou shalt not lie about the numbers


- why do we lie?

- there is always a story behind the story.

- are you structured for growth (not so structured you miss God)

- who are you really reaching?

- count the numbers that count (volunteers, adult baptisms)

- where are you putting your money?  Pay your staff well

- great churches empower volunteers to serve

- if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys.

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