Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ARC all access: Ed Young, JR

Notes taken from ARC's All Access Conference at C3 Church, April 27-29

- greatest thing in the world is the local church.
- the church is BRUTIFUL --- combination of Brutal and Beautiful
- strange thing my enemies can't betray me. only those I allow in.
- there are 3 categories of people dealing with betrayal: (1) those getting ready to go through betrayal, (2) those in betrayal, and (3) coming out of betrayal.
1. Betrayal occurs during crucial situations.
- Genesis 37:3 talks about Joseph
- Joseph was the favorite son of his father, Jacob, and he shared his dreams with his brothers way too early.
2. Betrayal comes from those closet to you.
- 3 types of people in ministry: (1) those who are with you, (2) those are for you which are just fans, and (3) those who will use you.
3. Betrayal is fueled by envy and jealousy.
- these people are close enough to you to kiss you but diss you.
- Genesis 37:4
- NOTE: they always have something to say.  If THEY are the right THEY, have them with you.  Not the wrong ones.
- How do you react when someone else is blessed?
- When pride walks on the stage, God walks off the stage.
- Genesis 37:18-19
- The bigger the dream. The bigger the betrayal.
- Envy will eat you up.
- NOTE: envy is the only one of the deadly sins that doesn;t begin with a promise.
- Genesis 37:23-24 Joseph goes into the 1st pit
4. Betrayal can lead to breakdown or breakout.
- 2 types of people in the pit: (1) adders and (2) ladders.  Adders are those snacks that bite and spew their venom.  Ladders are those people who help you out and have your back.
- look up while you are in the pit.  You will see some light.
- While you are in the pit, ask WHAT NOW and not WHY THIS?
- Another pit came as Joseph ran from Potifer's wife.
- Joseph was loyal to Potifer for 10 years.
- get under the authority that god puts in your life and God will lift you up.
- When someone betrays you it is followed by lies.
- Loyalty leads to prosperity and opportunity and on to character.
- Genesis 50:20 what you meant for evil, God used for good.
- If we haven't been betrayed, we wouldn't be where we are today.
What do we learn from our betrayal (Ed Young speaking of a personal situation in his ministry):
(1) it brought our staff closer together
(2) seperates the players from the posers
(3) strengthed because we have Biblical church structure
- Betrayal happens in the ministry and it hurts the heart.
- It will solidify your church and help you to a HNL ... hole nother level!

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