Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ARC all access: Joe Champion

Notes taken from ARC's All Access Conference at C3 Church, April 27-29



- you are celebrity because you are as important as anyone out here. (word from a golf caddy, Willy McRae who ha caddied for presidents and great stars)

- you are writing a story and God has an awesome plan for your life.




- how can we love planting churches and doing ministry

- Paul started the church at Philippi (most scholars believe this was Paul's favorite church)

- Paul said every time I think of you I pray for joy.  I love you (chapter 1)

- I want to keep the innocence that I began with


ACTS 16:9-


1. you have got to dream it … keep dreaming


- the dream came thru much time and God speaking.  God compelled Paul to stop many times.  That is when God spoke and changed his life.

- be careful that the vision is not something you created and not from God

- sometimes we become foolish when we compare ourselves with other ministries and other church plants.

- comparing ourselves makes us become foolish

- your dream comes from God and needs to be specific.

- God has a plan and a purpose for your dream

- the dream is for God, for His people and His church

- submit to the dream of God

- Luke 1:1-4  Even tho John and others have shared their testimony, but there is something in me that I have to share

- the message and the dream is to be the person of Chris in the region that He has called you to.

- the purpose of the various Gospel accounts is because all of us have different perspectives from where they sit or stand

- God gives His dreams in people who have openness.

- God has placed His dream within you.  You know it is from God.

- God gives us the responsibility to deliver the dream.  It our job to deliver it to our region.

- be careful who you allow into your world.

- let the dream include people.  If it is not helping people, it must not be from God

- without a dream it is all empty

- there are dream killers waiting to catch you and kill you.


2. you have got to live it


- Acts 12:10-12

- connect with other people. Partnership helps you live it out

- you have got to have a WE. Living it out with other people.

- Paul began to understand that you have the right team

- watch out for the left lane leaders (they drive in the left lane but have not business in that lane)

- who can you download your vision to?

- have to have a sense of urgency

- you have to have shared the dream.  And everyone who has touched the dream going in the same direction.

- do you care more about your stewardship than your friendship?

- people became aware of the dream


3. you have got to flow with it


- Acts 16:13-15  this lady got it and shared with those coming into town; Lydia

- you may not meet the people you see in your dream

- sometimes you show and ask God where is the person you showed me in the dream

- sometimes you have to adjust the dream.  Be flexible.  Adjust to reach people.

- our target at times as to change to reach the people we are touching.

- can you flow with what God sends you that looks different from you thought the dream was?


4. you have got to confront it


- you will always meet a religious spirit.  Paul cast it out

- if you don't like to confront, you will never move up


5. you have got to stand up


- 3 families in the church at Philippi: guy in prison, Lydia, lady with demon


6. you have got to enjoy it


- Acts 16:35-4 the city and the region became theirs.

- if you do not go through the process, you will never enjoy ministry

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