Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ARC all access: Rick Bezet

Notes taken from ARC's All Access Conference at C3 Church, April 27-29



- God called me to encourage people.

- ARC is about partnership that helps start churches thru support and tools.

- With the mistakes your gonna make you need friends.

- You don't have to do ministry alone.


Galatians 5:1


- God has destined us to be free.

- Don't go back to that slavery you once had.

- Mercy will only take you so far.  Grace will take you the rest of the way.




How do you keep a life giving church?


1. keep the innocence


- illustrated by the Garden of Eden as Adam and Eve did what God asked them not to do

- lets read the word of God not because we want to know good from evil but because we love God and He wants to speak into our lives.

- if you stay in the tree, where there is no innocence, you will keep eating and living from that tree.


2. don't be authoritative


- abuse hurts

- how many people when we get authoritative leave us.

- love must be sincere, hate what is evil … don't hate the evil in a person until they know you love them (only then can you speak to them about what is in their lives)

- sometimes we realize the very thing we hate about ministry, we are becoming

- lead from the place where you have earned the right to lead.

- if you have to tell them you are the leader, you are not the leader (John Maxwell)

- draw near to God with a sincere heart

- it is a lie that we are never to get transparent.  We need to be transparent.


3. be loyal


- you can tell loyalty behind closed doors

- Peter didn't know how loyal he was until he blew it.

- Jesus washed Judas' feet.  Jesus knew that Judas was going


4. be thankful when others are blessed


- celebrate and don't be jealous of others that are being blessed in ministry

- Acts 2:46-47 They spent time to together and enjoyed the favor of ALL people.

- you cannot keep from growing if you have a loyal team


5. don't forget about the pain


- John 4:35 the field is ripe for Harvest

- 3 things that keep me tuned in to souls: (1) look for someone who is broken down and looks lost [I do this every time I preach], (2) I watch Christian TV [the bad ones that will remind you to keep your compassion], and (3) interview visitors [ask them what it is like when they walk in your church]

- prodigal son lost it all when he stopped being thankful.  One day he finally realized life was better with dad.  The Father welcomed him back with open arms no matter what

- have the kind of church that people find a welcome and accepting church.

- the church ought to be the first place that broken people in your community think about



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