Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post from Scott Williams

Scott is campus pastor of the Northwest Oklahoma City, OK campus of  He was a warden at a prison before entering ministry.  I am always encouraged by the stuff he shares. I copied this post from Scott's blog the last day of March.  Read, Enjoy and USE IT:
Be A STUPID Leader:
  • Selfless- Be more concerned about the success and growth of those that work for you, than you are about the growth and development of yourself.
  • Teachable- Be able and willing to learn not only from those that lead you, but those that you lead.
  • Upstanding- Be above reproach, lead with integrity, walk the talk, lead by example, realize and embrace that those you lead are watching the example that you set in all areas.
  • Practical- Use common sense, be realistic with expectations, be patient, realize that there is nothing that you can't begin to fix in 5 Minutes and 5 Phone Calls.
  • Ignorable- Refrain from noticing or paying close attention to; in other-words ignore your biggest fans and your biggest critics… instead embrace those that fall somewhere in the middle.  Although you ignore those two extreme ends of the spectrum, understand there may be nuggets of truth in both extremes.
  • Determined- Be focused, committed, dedicated and determined to be the absolute best that you can be (PERIOD).  Don't lead with simple expectation of greatness, instead lead with anticipation of greatness.  Keep It STUPID simple!

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