Friday, April 24, 2009


Wade has been a good friend of E-DEVOTION for a few years and often shares his insight with me.  I went to school with his wife, and then even attended chuches with my folks for a while.  They now attend a great church, Arrow Heights in Broken Arrow, OK.  Here is something Wade sent after reading today's devotion.


You know, when I read this, the theme that resonates with in me is RESCUE, which is a word you used in part of your last sentence.  I wonder what anyone really knows about being rescued.  I do!  I was in a river rafting incident that nearly cost my life when I was a senior in High School. As I was going under and over rocks and fallen trees, there were some folks along the river bank.  

They could have just watched and said to themselves, sure glad that is not me.  But they did not. They at least tried to throw me a rescue line and stayed with me along the river bank and not let me out of there sight...letting me know they are there and trying to help.  Just knowing that gave me strenght to keep on and not let the river consume me.  How many need that knowledge in their hearts?

God is in the business of saving lives.  So should we.  He saved mine that day.  And, in my view, He did it with those who were willing to THROW a rescue line.  How many of us even attempt at throwing a rescue line towards those who are drowning in this life?  Or are we just going to watch them drown?

I replied back to Wade first asking if I could share his story and then I shared a story with him.  Read on:
I was there when a friend of mine, Tim Downey who I was a youth ministry intern to, was going under water in a boat that sank.  As his small boat was being rushed under my canoe and under water, I grabbed him.  His foot was caught under his seat but my holding Tim freed his foot and kept him from going under.  The boat sank.  Never found it.
As Wade said God is in the business of saving lives.  So should we.

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