Friday, April 24, 2009

we can't let this one get away

Proverbs 14:11 (GW) --- Rescue captives condemned to death, and spare those staggering toward their slaughter.
That verse almost tore my heart out this morning.  It is not just about people with a death sentence imposed by health or prison or situation.  It is the sentence that life throws at us, many times by our own choices, that leads us to think it is all over, we're condemned or that we are insignificant.  God knows very different.
Early in the week I was honored to spend time with a friend who had been in jail for a while.  A sweet meeting that was.  This week I've looked back through testimonies and even heard more people talk about being served by the people of The Community Fellowship.  Do you know what those situations are?  They are opportunities to rescue people from death with the HOPE and TRUTH bigger than us.  The hope that only God can give.
I think on a bit further to what is going on at The Community this weekend with the Financial Learning Experience and Joe Sangl.  Not many months ago my wife and I were at the bottom of the financial barrel, and we have now seen the light as only God could give.  Why?  Because someone cared enough to rescue us from what seemed like a death sentence.  Have you been there?
Every time we offer someone the hope of God, we rescue them as they seem to be "staggering toward their slaughter."  Do you see it?  We have to be people who by choice rescue others.  It is not easy, but it is right.  It is God's way.  Further, it is God's call on my life and on the church I serve.
Dino Rizzo in his book Servolution (which is where the title for today's devotion comes from) said it like this: "The heart of God Almighty sees the people in our homes, in our cities, in the cubicles next to us, and down the street.  He values them as prizes He is unwilling to go without, and He looks intently into our hearts and says, 'Let's do whatever it takes - no matter the cost. We can't let them get away.'" (pages 14-15)
Look around you.  Who is about to get away?  Who has life and death starring them in the face and needs the hope of God?  Now, how can we rescue those captives?  We can't let this one get away!

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