Saturday, May 2, 2009

another conference, lots of learning

It was an honor to attend ARC's All Access Conference in Clayton, NC.  Speakers were off the hook awesome.  Look thru my blog for some of the notes from the speakers (Ed Young Jr, Joe Champion, Rick Bezet, Dino Rizzo, Chris Hodges, Greg Surratt to name a few ... google their names for infor).  What I inspected and was most touched was a deep desire to plant churches that impact this world for Christ.  That is the most important part that Billy Hornsby, ARC's leader, and it's church promote.  Yes, the friends and mentoring were terrific, but I have a heart for planting churches.  So, I pray.  I pray that The Community Fellowship and I will dig in deeper to reproduce ourselves so that Christ will be reproduced in the lives of people seeking Him.
Thanks to Gayle Bennett for all your help!  Awesome to finally meet Dino Rizzo in person as well as Dan Ohlerking (one of my new heroes).  Right now, I'm living in the overflowing as God is sharing!

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