Saturday, May 2, 2009

greater things to come

One awesome week.  This was one of those for sure.  It began with Joe Sangl leading our church in a couple seminars including his incredible Financial Learning Experience.  It was a sweet race up hill from there.
We have been singing a song lately by Chris Tomlin called God of this City which says "greater things are still to come."  Dude, we believe that is true.  Our leaders met Monday night, and this picture was the outcome.  We began by celebrating what God as done in the past at The Community Fellowship (see the bottom left corner of the picture), we went on to the things God is doing now (see the bottom right corner), and it was completed with the GREATER THINGS TO COME across the top.  Those postit notes were incredible and full of passion and more.
I have read through them a couple times.  I have been overcome by God every time.  This afternoon I was moved once again as I drove around the community our church is in (Collinsville, VA).  What is God going to do next?  Incredible?  Yes, we ain't seen nothing yet.  But what I believe with all my heart is that we are about to see things we have never dreamed of.  We are about to expereince a move of God.  We are about to see many lives change for His kingdom. 
Are you dreaming?  I am.  But I heard one statement this week that has stuck with me.  It is this: the bigger the dream, the bigger the pain.  But the pain is worth the fulfilling of the dream.  Are we willing to deal with the pain so that we can experience greater things to come?

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scottwilliams said...

It's fun to dream, it hurts to dream... If you dream that you can fly, even though you can't you will come darn close.

Keep Dreaming!

happy birthday, Julie

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