Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Innovate Church ’09: Francis Chan

Innovate Church '09: Francis Chan


(Francis is author of the awesome book Crazy Love is pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, CA)


  • 2 Timothy 4:1-8 --- in the last days people will gather teachers who say what they want to hear.
  • Acts 4:13 --- the disciples were uneducated and bold men BUT NOW people seem to be educated and scared.
  • Are you astonished by the lack of courage around you?
  • The Bible is full of stories of people who had courage …




  • Often as we learn more our courage and boldness decreases AND we have increasing insecurity, especially looking at my flesh.
  • NO FEAR! Ought to be our word.
  • The world ought to see us as full of courage and power.  Start with the word of God and live from it.  Don't try to use the Bible to make your life fit or ok.
  • Take the Bible at its word, not the system you have been taught.  Don't miss the obvious.
  • What about the love?  The world is gonna see the love of Jesus through the unity and work of the church.  Its sad that gangs are better pictures of what the church should be.
  • HOLY SPIRIT --- He's for me, for those who are far off.  Nothing was going to stop the church (the early church).  No one cared for self.  No one claimed what they had for themselves.  No one was callus or casual.
  • The "gates of Hell will be prevail against" the church.  The church today is so stoppable.  Have we created something else?  There's power in the Gospel and the Holy Spirit fills us with His power.
  • Will God find us faithful when He returns?  The prophets of Baal walked away from Elijah seeing God exalting Him and not exalting Elijah.
  • When God shows up in power people see God.  People don't want me.  They want God.  Do we have that courage to do what the Bible says?
  • See Joshua 14 and how Caleb in his old ask says he is still in awe of God.


If you have heard from God, drown out the voices of others.

  • Others want you to live a boring life because they have a boring life.


I want to be a person who encourages others and speaks courage into people's lives.

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