Monday, May 18, 2009

Innovate Church ’09: Jonathan Falwell

Innovate Church '09: Jonathan Falwell


(Jonathan is pastor of Church Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA)




  • The ends of the earth, our mission field, is not found inside the church.
  • Proverbs 29:18 --- without vision, people perish
  • Vision is what we must do and must grasp.
  • When we lose our vision, the church dies.
  • See Joshua 1, everywhere you foot touches I'm giving to you.




God gives a vision to person.


1.         Vision can become a victim of pride.

  • Our drive to be successful or considered successful is the first step to failure.
  • This is the desire for others to see and know and recognize us.
  • God us to preach people.  Pride keeps us from that calling.

2.         Vision can become a victim of jealousy.

  • Our jealousy of someone else's success will lead to our failure and losing our vision.
  • God didn't call us to build a mega church.
  • We're not in this for the recognition.

3.         Vision can become a victim of begin stagnant.

  • If we come empty before our people, those we lead, then our people will not be fed.
  • John 15:5, remain in me and you will bear fruit.
  • We have no right to come before our people when we are empty and not growing Christ.
  • What can I do to get closer to God?  None of us are too close to God.

4.         Vision can become a victim of what other people think.

  • When you discover your purpose, you discover your enemies.
  • Discouragement happens often.  Prepare for it.
  • In human terms, I want to please everyone, yet this destroys me and leaves my vision behind.
  • I only have to please God!

5.         Vision can become a victim of being insecure.

  • Ask yourself "Who am I?"  Do I deserve to have the honor of leading these people? Stay humble.
  • When you think you've got it together or have what it takes, you fail.
  • Daniel 10:10-12,17-19
  • When God gives you a vision, He also gives you what it takes to pull it off.
  • Joshua 21:43-45


What's the vision that God gave you and what's stopping you from fulfilling it?

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