Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meet Katlynn

Say hello to Katlynn. It's been about a week since I wanted to tell
you how proud I am of her.

Her mom, Susi, works with me at The Community. Her dad, Greg, is our
chief graphic dude at The Community. She has a little brother, Konner,
and a big sister, Brianna.

But why I'm proud of her is because of what she did for her birthday.
She asked her friends and family not to buy her gifts. They were to
buy craft supplies for the children's hospital at Baptist Hospital in
Wake Forest, NC. You heard me right. Later this month Katlynn will
deliver all kinds of craft stuff to some special kids.

What an awesome thing this 7 year old did! Her parents are proud of
her. Her pastor is proud of her.

How about this? Will you help her buy more craft supplies? It would
be awesome to double what Katlynn has to give.

Here is what you do: write her mom an email to
, let her know you want to help and ask how (wal-mart gift card, drop
off supplies, donate in other ways).

Let's make this little girl's day and year by helping her help more
kids in need. Sounds like a great ARK (act of random kindness).

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