Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

He was 30 when I was born and had not long before moved from Texas to the promised land of Oklahoma.  That's my opinion anyway.  But I have vivid memories of my dad from my earliest years of life, sweet memories. Let me begin this post by simply stating that I am blessed.  I have the world's greatest dad for so many reasons.  Lets talk for a minute:
> I remember as a young child helping my mom's car go through the garage door and part of the living room wall and my dad not killing me.
> I remember my dad working hard, serving at church and even playing hard on the softball field.
> I remember getting my first bicycle after we moved into a new house and working in the garage with my dad.
> I remember playing with the dog, Sam, while dad mowed the yard or cooked on the gas grilled.
> I remember throwing my rubber baseball through his office window and me not dying for it.
> I remember watching my dad have a heartache on a softball field in Jenks, Ok when I was 10 or 11.
> I remember that heart attack changing my dad and my family for the best.
> I remember my dad helping my brothers with so many things (they think I'm spoiled).
> I remember my dad taking me horseback riding for several years and then getting my own horse.
> I remember the farm my dad bought and we spent all kinds of time with the horses and cows and tractors and fence... (those are special memories).
> I remember my dad helping me buy my first truck, then helping me deal with it when it was stolen.
> I remember him being the best man at my wedding (and he was that and still is).
> I remember him holding my kids, his grandkids for the first time and now often spoiling them often.
> I remember ... guess that is enough of that for now
> My dad is a giver and not a taker, always serving others.
> My dad is a voice of reason, common sense and truth.
> My dad is constantly there no matter what I've done wrong or right.
> My dad walks with Jesus and loves the things of God.
> My dad supports his pastor and loves his church.
> My dad is faithful in every way you can imagine.
> My dad is an optimist, always positive about life and what it brings.
> My dad is my friend, my advisor and my reminder.
> My dad is honest, transparent and has learned and lives out the grace of God.
> My dad is my dad ... that is enough of that one, too
It is Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May) for one reason only, to celebrate my dad's special day.  My brothers and I are blessed.  My mom and all of our family are so blessed.  For 69 years Richard Harrison has known life and he keeps on living, loving and enjoying it no matter what.  I love that.  I love my dad. 
Happy Birthday, dad!


Judy Harrison said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Dad. And the greatest part is that it is all so true. We are all so blessed.

Love, Mom

Ric Harrison said...

Couldn't have said it better myself - except Michael, you were spoiled! :)

R S Harrison said...

I am blessed by each of my three sons and their Mom. This is what could be called a "team effort". However, "God is good--- all the time, and all the time, God is good"!!!! This will always be true ----
The "Rattlesnake"
R S Harrison

happy birthday, Julie

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