Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clay NeSmith's Message tonight at Barefoot Church

Clay NeSmith. Barefoot Community Church. June 13, 2009

"Potential" (part of the DNA series and one of Barefoot's values)

Run after your God given potential...

The church is called (our calling) is to pull out of you what God has
put in you.

(Message centered around the story of Jesus inteaecting with Peter.)

To find your potential, take these steps:

Step 1 --- look for something

If we aren't looking for something, we will never find it.

John 1:36-42, why would Peter follow Andrew, his brother? Usually we
don't do what our brothers tell us to do. But Peter (formerly known as
Simon) was looking for something.

Looking for better life or success means we have dreams to achieve.

Step 2 --- hear something

(We were given a crayon and paper and asked to write <1> what we are
looking for today and draw <2> where we see ourselves in 5 years)

John 1:42, Jesus told Peter "I see more potential in you than you see
in yourself.". --/// (that is a huge word we need to hear from God)

Hearing with your ears AND with your heart is vital. Do you hear God
changing your destination?

Step3 --- surrender something

This is the toughest and why many people don't see their potential.

You will never get to where God wants you unless you surrender
everything to God. Our personality often keeps us from that surrender.

Luke 5:1-11, Jesus told Peter to fish on the other side. Peter was
reluctant but said "but if you, Jesus, say so..."

Surrender everything --- not just your potential.

The measure is this: Are you doing what Jesus said to do?

It gets harder and harder to surrender with the more success you have
each day.

Often we would rather protect ourselves rather than surrender.

LAST --- go to Monday school. Put into practice on Monday what you
learn on the weekend.

Peter was willing with all that he was to put into action what he

Matthew 16:13-18, but upon you, Peter ... with all the potential Jesus
saw in Peter ... on you I will build my church.

(This was a great message and lots of learning from Clay NeSmith and
his team. They are doing a great work at North Myrtle Beach, SC.)

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