Monday, June 29, 2009

meet the model

1 Corinthians 11:1  (nlt) --- And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.

That is one of the boldest statements that you might find a Christian say.  Some would even say that is arrogant and self centered.  Yet, as we heard this Sunday in our last message in the One Prayer series, God's kids ought to be bold and strong.

I've watched this example.  By the way, I'm getting a bit personal today.  The last 3 days I have had a great time with my brother Steve.  He is the father of 6 kids and the husband of a great lady.  I'm not just saying this cause he is my brother, but Steve is one of the finest men I know.  He walks the walk.  He loves Jesus and he loves his family.

From where I sit and how I have experienced life, guys like me (pastors and those in ministry) need people who encourage us.  My brother does that for me.  Many, many times over the last 15 year and more years Steve has come to my rescue or to my side spiritually.  I've watched him with his kids and heard his heart.  It has only been in the few years that I have watched him serve his church and be a big part of helping others connect to Christ.  Steve does this well.  Almost like a model for others to follow.

No, Steve is not perfect.  He is human and a Harrison (that means we are flawed and sinful by nature), but this man walks by faith and he lifts others to do the same.  He treats people with respect and has something say, not just liking to hear himself talk.

Last night I had a great opportunity that filled my heart in a big way.  Steve shared with our small group.  I was so ready to hear how God has shaped Steve's life and family and relationship with God.  What I heard, not said in words, was the verse above.  And by the way, Steve can say "follow me as I follow Christ" because he does just that.  I pray that those in our small group caught what I caught from my brother.  

There is more to family that just getting by.  There is more to work than getting a pay check.  There is more to church than just hearing a message.  We need to plug in "and then some" (quoting from a Jentezen Franklin sermon).  We must be people who don't just talk about faith, but live by faith.  We must do more than what is expected of us as followers of God, as parents, as employees, as church people and more.  

I'm proud of my brother.  I invite you to meet the model.  Our dad and our mom walk with Jesus.  And I have watched with my eyes my brother walk with God.  Lets do the same!


Jeff Brame said...

WOW! Michael thats HUGE! You guys both are amazing encouragers and followers of Christ. Both you and Steve blow me away! Your parents did an amazing job raising you and guiding you as Christ followers. I see Steve quite a bit here in Tulsa and I have to say you hit the nail on the head perfectly, hes the real deal. Huge encourager, huge servant of Christ. You can see Christ in his mannerisms and his actions. Just a joyful person to be around. Steve is always there to lift someone up. Incredible person. That was just a great write up on your bro!

Dave Ingland said...

As much as I love your brother Steve, I would say that you two are from the same mold. I'd bet your parents are the same way and that it's a Harrison family trait.

I count it a blessing, an honor and truly a privelg to know you and your brother Steve. You have both encouraged me all the way in California to keep going and attain new heights. I am grateful for you both and how you have lift me up when I needed it. Thank you!

happy birthday, Julie

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