Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my 3 kids

Psalm 127:5 (nlt) --- How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!  He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.

Ephesians 6:3 (nlt) --- If you honor your father and mother, "things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth."

I'm sure you don't mind, but I am going to talk about my kids today in the E-Devotion.  Not because my kids are better than your kids.  I'm just so proud of these 3 gifts God gave Julie and I.  It is the last day of school and all.

The have come so far and have honored their parents by excelling and pushing themselves in school.  I didn't say they are geniuses.  I did say that they have done well.  Real well.

RYAN is 5 years old (will be 6 in August) and completed kindergarden.
  • We sat last week in his awards ceremony where he won a good citizen medal, was honored for being on the honor role and more.
  • This kid loves animals and is so ready for a trip to the zoo.  He loves to walk in the woods and look at nature.
  • I'm noticing that he has some of his father's creativity and maybe some other things too (that I won't mention).
  • He finished a program he was part of at a local church, and this boy of mine has improved greatly in his skills and speech this year.
  • Ryan loves people too.  He talks about Jesus!  I've watched him encourage some kids his own age this week.  That's cool.
  • This boy stole my heart when he was born, and I'm proud to be his dad.

RUTH is 10 years old (will be 11 in September) and is leaving elementary for middle school.
  • They grow up way too fast.  Don't you agree?  She too has some of my traits (the good and the not so good).
  • In her awards assembly this morning she received an honor for being in the book club (she loves to read) and a good citizenship award as well as on the honor role.  She has a perfect SOL (standards of learning test) score.
  • Like I said, she is headed to middle school.  So, the graduation picture sent tears to my eyes (no one saw me though).
  • She is our social butterfly, and I love watching her interact with her friends.  Ruth is kind and loving in big ways.  I see Jesus in what she does.
  • Yesterday was her field day, and I so enjoyed having lunch with her and her best friend and her best friend's family.
  • Often this the loud child and her room makes me mind, but this dad melts when she throws her arms around me.  I'm proud of her.

REBECCA just turned 12 years old and finished the 6th grade.
  • Again, they grow up too quick, and these kids know things that they shouldn't.  Yet Rebecca shows she is maturing in big ways.
  • Her awards assembly was yesterday where she got the good citizenship award and the most improved student in science (that was good).  She did very well and score high on all her SOL's
  • She has some ways that are a lot like me, and this girl is so organized which keeps us all in line and on time.
  • This has been a great year of middle school for her.  I'm proud of her choices.  She loves her youth group and church.
  • We've spent some time just the two of us this year, and I've learned from listening to her share.
  • I've got a lot to learn, but I'm so proud of our oldest daughter and all she has done.
I love these kids not because of what they have done.  I love them because they are mine.  In fact, I've learned much about God as I have interacted with my children.  Often I'm convicted that these are my first priority.  It's not church or ministry.  It's not even serving people who have a need.  If my precious wife and kids are sacrificed for those things, I lose.  Our church loses.  My family suffers.  

I'm making some choices to see that my family is successful.  That means I have to say "no" more and make sure I get to events and spend those special times.  What I am learning most is the way that God loves us is the way I'm to love my wife and kids.  It ain't easy, but it's right.  And it's worth the sacrifice on this side.

One last time, I'm proud of my 3 kids!

[+] Please Pray

Pray for our students who finished school today (especially those who graduate this week).  Continue to pray for Katy Bruce who is at Army bootcamp.  There is a family in our area that had their house burn (we will be helping them with clothes tomorrow ... not sure of any other details yet).  Brenna Jones has improved but still no results from tests.  Keep praying.  Also pray for a teen named Brianna, my assistant's step daughter.  Ask the Lord to touch, encourage and strengthen Brianna today (pray for her parents too).  David & Cathy Dunham's son and grandson need our prayers as well.  Annette Underwood will be going to court next week (she cares for several of her grandchildren and is seeking to care for another ... pray for this). 

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