Monday, August 10, 2009

The Community FAMILY NOTES

This was an awesome weekend, and as we move away from it, we want to celebrate all God did.  We also want to say THANK YOU to all who gave and gave to make our back2school a huge success.  Here are some notes for you and then some places you need to visit:

(1)  We will be moving everything out of the HOUSE OF PRAYER building tomorrow (Tuesday at 1pm).  Please meet at the HOP at 1pm to help.  We need several people but do have a big moving van.

(2)   The Clean Heart banquet will not be happening this weekend due to low response.  Listen for more details about the next outreach day.

(3)   This next Sunday is our ministry in Roanoke to feed the homeless.  At this time we need some people to donate dinner rolls.  All other items are provided by our folks.  But we do want to invite you to go be part of this powerful ministry.  Last month we had our largest group ever (72 people fed).  To date we have had over 120 of our people help with this ministry.  Now it is your turn.

(4)  There were 20 children this past Saturday who didn't get shoes that we need to provide for.  Would you be willing to adopt one of these kids, buy their shoes and then assist with getting the shoes to them?  Call the church ASAP to fill this need.

(5)  We need to hear your story about back2school.  Please respond to this email or send us a letter telling us what God did through this event.  God isn't finished with us or with these kids.

Now for a few places you need to visit:

(1)  Cindy Hall, a member of our key leadership team, wrote a blog post today that you need to read.  Click HERE to read it or go to this link:

(2)  Kenny Webster served as our photographer for the day.  He has posted the picture in a gallery at the website.  Click HERE or go to this link:

(3)  Pastor Michael also posted some pictures on his blog from our back2school event.  Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

(4)  The front page of the Martinsville Bulletin ran a story about our back2school event and about the clothe a child event taking place at the same time.  Click HERE to read the story or go to this link:

Saturday was our 3rd annual back2school event.  In 2007 we helped 115 kids.  In 2008 we served about 308 kids.  And this year the number was set at 500 kids.  Here are the numbers as they stand today: 726 people came through out doors, 457 backpacks and school supplies were given out, over 88 volunteers pitched in to make this possible, well over 900 feet were washed.  

Best of all JESUS was lifted up this weekend.  Lots of kids got words and stories of hope that will stick with them forever.  Many of you were changed.  You will never be the same.

We can't wait to see what God does next!!!

The Community Fellowship
Post Office Box 388, 2674 Virginia Ave., Collinsville, VA 24078


Patrick A. Berry said...

kudos to all of YOU! You are a community after God's heart and He is blessing your work. Put feet to Jesus! Thank you for allowing Chesed and I to participate!

steveharrison said...

Love following this event and sharing with others the WOW's...God is good!...amazed at almost 90 volunteers...that is awesome...the influence created and given is tremendous!! Proud of U all and the 'C'hurch!!

Leo Gallant said...

It was awesome to follow this event! Very cool to see how your influence and reach has grown year over year! Love you guys!

Judy said...

I am so proud of what you and your church are doing. Wish Dad and I could be a part of it.

happy birthday, Julie

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