Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guest Post from Vicky English: Praise

This post is written by Vicky English from The Community Fellowship and the third I've shared here on my blog.  Watch soon for her own blog.  She is inspiring others to see God and to serve those they encounter.  I am touched by her humility and authenticity.  Read on and pray with me that Vicky's and our church's dreams with grow like never before:

The last two days have been pretty hard for me mentally. The devil really knows where to attack.  The last 8 months have been a struggle financially for my family, but things are looking up. Praise God that George got a job and there will be two incomes now to cover the bills. We have rode that thin line for so long. Then satan attacks again yesterday.  I won't go into the ugly details, but me being programmed the way that I am, was doubting.
Tonight, while in the shower, I was thinking about how to juggle the money and bills yet again, and a different thought occurred to me. PRAISE GOD I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT MY BILLS.  So often we get tangled up in our own problems that we really forget how blessed we are. I have bills to think about and pay, Praise God. That means I have a roof over my head, a place to sleep each night that is secure and comfortable, a job, and a few luxuriesSo many do not have even the basics and I feel so selfish to be thinking about and dwelling in my problems when these problems would be welcome blessings to others.
Just take a minute and think about the refreshing soft drink you have while kicked back on your couch watching your t.v.  in the air conditioned home you are living in. Think about the meal you ate earlier today. Think about the job you went to.  The shower/bath you took today.  Now, just for a moment turn your thoughts to that man, woman, or child who has not had a soft drink in who knows when or sit on a couch watching t.v. in a long time. Who has no control over the temperature they live in, hot or cold are the only two, no in between. Who has had nothing to eat at all today. Who can't find a job. Who has no place to bathe.
I myself will be adopting a new rule:  Less me and more others.  I will Praise God for everything that He has blessed me with and use all of it to help others in His name.

Vicky English

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