Sunday, August 23, 2009

THE IDEA CAMP community

I am looking forward to traveling this coming week to our nation's capital with some of our great people from The Community Fellowship.  We are going to be part of THE IDEA CAMP.
Connect with the event at
Here is a little info about THE IDEA CAMP:
The Idea Camp is a collaborative movement of idea-makers who facilitate free hybrid conferences and develop resources for people who desire to move ideas toward implementation. Facilitated by a growing collective of innovative thinkers and practitioners from numerous disciplines, participants gather around topics of interest to encourage and inspire one another, share practical wisdom from the field, and develop intentional networks for idea-making.
A FREE EVENT, It is THE IDEA CAMP Justice Edition, August 28-29, 2009 taking place at Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church in Washington, DC.
Some of the things that I am excited about as it relates to this event are:
Check it out.  Join the conversation.  This is going to be great!

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