Monday, August 31, 2009

take aways from The Idea Camp

Proverbs 31:8 (GWT) --- "Speak out for the one who cannot speak, for the rights of those who are doomed.

What an honor to attend The Idea Camp this past weekend near Washington, DC.  I am in overload from the inspiration and truth that was shared.  So because of that I am going to give you quick notes from the weekend.  To find out more about this event click HERE.  Now for the notes (this is not all of them):

  • Leadership Dev: u need 2 serve so u know where u shouldn't serve. Create culture that allows that. @MarkBatterson
  • If there is vision, God will make provision. It'll come out outta nowhere. - @markbatterson
  • "A person made in the image of God is not meant to be owned by another." - Blair Burns of
  • What changes ppl's mind about fighting slavery? It's ppl speaking up.
  • 10 phone calls to your local congressman would make a HUGE difference.
  • What happens when American ppl remain silent? Remember 800k dead in Rwanda in 1994. Leaders need 2 hear - Holly Burkhalter, IJM
  • I'd rather 1 God idea than 1,000 good ideas. --@markbatterson
  • Our hearts have to break for the things that break the heart of God. -- @markbatterson
  • Help people not be afraid to fail. Creat culture of creativity & ministry. Get ppl involved. -- @markbatterson
  • Empower people where u find not where u expect them to be. -- @danrodrodriguez 
  • If we coach & encourage ppl, we may avoid some possible pitfalls. -- @danrodrodriguez 
  • Great phrase. "Walking carefully on our knees." from a pastor's wife sharing her story 
  • God intends these ppl & relationships for me. Don't avoid. Ask God what He's doing. -- @danrodrodriguez
  • Our response to God in worship is often compassion. -- @charleslee (he is the vision behind The Idea Camp)
  • When we give up our lives to Jesus, we share with those who have need. We share Jesus. 
  • Our expression of compassion is not to win ppl to Jesus. But to represent Jesus to those we serve.
  • Follow the story of Jesus. It is amazing how He models life for us. -- @charleslee
  • What happens in biblical community when the spirit comes? They shared everything. 
  • In serving those in pain we heal our own pain. It's all about Jesus 
  •  "Justice gave me context for understanding God" @charlestlee
  • Checkout
  • At the point of transformation Jesus shows up. Why we do what we do. Thanks Creed Branson
  • Great question. When u live n tough neighborhood & something bad happens, r u gonna stay? -- LeRoy Barber
  • We need to commit to the struggle. Make a difference by sticking in there. Ur neighborhood ppl matter. Jesus wants them.
  • Before you start a program know ur neighbors. Relationships is the place to start. -- LeRoy Barber 
  • Do u know ur neighbors? But how many last names do you know?
  • Christians are great at caring for one another. But take that outside the walls of the church. -- LeRoy Barber
  • Sometimes Christians make worst neighbors cuz they spend all their social time at church. -Leroy Barber
  • Faith must lead to social action. Social action w/o faith leads the wrong direction & doesn't last. -- @kevindlum
  • Faith w/o social justice leads to narcissism; social justice w/o faith leads to despair.- Kevin Lum
  • "Mixing faith & politics is like mixing ice cream & horse manure." -Tony Campolo 
  • Homelessness is growing NOW in rural areas. This is a crisis. -- Shannon Moriarty
  • Find the gaps in ur community & support agencies to meet homeless needs. - @Hardlynormal
  • Go into the places already serving the homeless needs & fund / serve them. -- @Hardlynormal 
  • If you can't feed a thousand, feed one. -- Mother Teresa // learning what the church can do 
  • The church is good at getting ppl off the street but not getting them back into society. -- @Hardlynormal
  •  Agencies r good at getting ppl into society. So church & agencies need to partner. -- @Hardlynormal
  •  your greatest pain doubles as your greatest potential. -- @MarkBatterson
  • Jesus ... light, hope, peace ... there is no one like our God. Greater things still to be done!
  • We need to recognize the power of lament. Pain brings us places of reality. Pain brings ppl to Jesus.
  •  The cross is symbol of redemption & 6 hours in scripture ...  The table was 3 yrs in scripture & symbol where all came together.  -- Greg Russinger
  •  Enter into the pain of another & stay there. Compassion is expressed in commitment to stay with --@gregrussinger
  • Matthew 23:23 tells us justice, mercy & faith are some of the things God blesses.
  • God cares about suffering. Walk with him into human need & God will bless.

That is a heck of a lot of notes.  But I have to say that some of these nuggets will not allow me to continue on some of the same path I have been on.  Better yet some of these nuggets have me more passionate about the road I am on and the ministry I am part of.

This event was about Social Justice and get the community of faith, churches and Christians, involved in making a difference in our world for the long haul.  We have to be honest with each other and with what we are part of.  For way to long Christians have been part of things that are good but are not working.

Ask the questions.  Is what we are doing changing lives for a long time?  Is what we are doing effective?  Am I wasting my time?  Is God blessing?  Ask the questions.  Get real with the answers.  At that point you will see the vision and road God has for you.

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@georgetallmage said...

Thanks for sharing what you took away from The Idea Camp. It looks like it was quite a challenging and purposeful time. Glad you were stirred. Keep on spreading encouragement to the rest of us.

happy birthday, Julie

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