Saturday, August 15, 2009

Unbelievable ... homeless ministry has my heart

This post if from Vicky English who has a huge heart for the homeless and is helping lead The Community Fellowship to demonstrate the love of God to our community by meeting the needs of the homeless around us.

I have been sitting here reading post and looking at pictures that have been posted by Mark Horvath (hardlynormal) and my heart is breaking.

This man is traveling around the country reaching out to the homeless and I stand and applaud what he is doing.
The photos and stories are heartbreaking to me. People who are not different from myself. Although I have never been homeless, I have lived on the edge often. Only by God's sweet grace have I been able to have the basics of life.
So many people need help and isn't it our calling to do something? God is driving me so hard in this area. I feel so overwhelmed. I feel as I have nothing to give, however, if God is pushing me this hard, I trust that there is a plan and it will be revealed to me in His time. I feel such an urgency to do more and more.
I am reading stories of people being beat just because they are homeless and on the street. People who need medical assistance and can't get because they have no job and no insurance.   Is this right? Is this the way we are to treat our brothers and sisters?
All that I ask from anyone is that you would please pray for me and my family. This is something so God sized that has been laid on my heart. I am on the verge of obsession with this. Please just pray for the homeless and if there is anything else you have to offer please do.
Vicky English

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