Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Anniversary

In just a few minutes it will be official.  We will have been married for 16 years.  Hard to believe.  Neither of us remembers where the years have gone.  We see ourselves as two 20 somethings living life.  That is until the aches or pains or bills come our direction.  But these years have been more than kind.

So in honor of my lovely bride, Julie Howell Harrison, I want to share 16 things I love about my wife:

16.  She puts up with me.

15.  She cares for me when others may walk away (like when I'm grumpy or sick).

14.  Julie is prettier today than the first day I met her.

13.  My precious wife loves Jesus and walks with him daily.

12.  She is the greatest mom.

11.  Julie has given me 3 precious gifts in our children.

10.  Countless memories and things to celebrate.

9.   A bigger family (cause I love her mom & dad & others ... my Georgia family)

8.   She and I share ministry and our call to ministry.

7.  Julie and I struggle but dare to share life with each other (we are real; what you see is what you get).

6.  She is honest and kind at the same time.

5.   My wife has my back.  Supportive and always true.

4.   She gives her all.  When Julie is in, she is all in.

3.   My precious wife is my friend that I could not do without.

2.   She teaches me how to love by watching her love our kids and love me.

And last and greatest, 1.   My Julie is God's gift to me (saw that 16 years ago and I see it today).

I am blessed.  The Bible says that the man who finds a wife finds a good thing.  Julie is more than good.  The Bible says that I am to love her like Jesus loved us, His church, and often I have failed to go the second mile.  But I love Julie and am looking forward to more and more years to come.  If you don't know Julie, you have missed so much.

No.  She doesn't blog.  She doesn't twitter (yet).  But my love, my Julie is my precious wife!

(if you would like, send her a little encouragement ... ... tell her to twitter, to take care of her man and to enjoy life ... folks, I am blessed!)


steve said...

I love to see good people brag on great people..Michael keep bragging on her greatest encourager and her best both are a wonderful testimony of the goodness of our great God!..and yes my note above means Michael is good and Julie is great..

yochananpayne said...

Michael, Steve is right. You keep bragging on Julie and bless each other. I love ya man, but you and I both know that we both married up. We are both out of our league...well, at least I am :-)

happy birthday, Julie

Proverbs 18:22   NLT The man who finds a   wife   finds a treasure, and he receives   favor   from the   Lord . Yes, I have foun...