Monday, November 16, 2009

we are leaders

Whether we like it or not, we are leaders.  Knowing that fact there are some choices that we must make.  Some of them are easy while others are hard.  Yet every decision we make have has consequences. 

One of the ways leading happens is by the people who watch us.  Our kids see the choices we make and the things we do.  Somewhere in time, they will repeat it.  Our neighbors see us leading are led in various ways.  Our co-workers, employees, friends and others are often led by what we say and do.  

So ask the question, is my leading impacting the people I lead in a good or bad way?  Be honest with your answer.  Here is what I read this morning:

Proverbs 16:10-16 (The Message) --- A good leader motivates, doesn't mislead, doesn't exploit. God cares about honesty in the workplace; your business is his business. Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation.  Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth.  An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you're smart to stay clear of someone like that.  Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they're like spring rain and sunshine.  Get wisdom—it's worth more than money; choose insight over income every time.

Tell me about a good leader.  What do they do?  What do they not do?  By applying or NOT applying these principles those we lead know who we serve.  Folks, it hurts me to know that I have led some people, some close to me and some not so close, down the wrong path.  It could be because of wrong motives or by not seeking advice.

Good leaders ... motivate and encourage people to be their best.  Good leaders ... are known for their honesty and integrity and morals.  Good leaders ... seek out other good leaders for wisdom.  Good leaders ... give life and refresh people so others will be good leaders.  Good leaders ... invest in what will last, and that is not always money.

Since we know we are leaders, lets inspect how we are doing and lead people to see God in what we say and in what we do.

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