Tuesday, December 15, 2009

insignificant people

Proverbs 15:31-33 (NIV) --- He who listens to a life-giving rebuke will be at home among the wise.  He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding.   The fear of the LORD teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor.


Powerful words for leads.  I read them this morning with lots of anticipation of what this week holds.  Our Christmas celebration worship.  Lots of gifts and sharing and loving on people.  Then I made my way back to this past Sunday's message.


Do feel like you are insignificant?  I asked that and talked about how our lives can count for God.  One Life can make a huge difference.  Our lives can and must make a difference.  The stories in Scripture and around us are real.


When Jesus was born was a significant time of history.  His parents named the baby Jesus, as they were told to do by God, because His name means that God saves.  It was the obedience of Jesus' parents that led the boy to be in a place to meet some people that seemed insignificant.  READ Luke 2:21-38.


Simeon and Anna were both advanced in years.  Both were expecting Jesus' birth because of what God said and what prophecy taught them.  I love what the Bible tells us about Simeon, a "righteous and devout man", and his words made that clear.  The visit with Anna was the same.


Leaving that part of the story I wonder what the people around the temple that day were thinking.  I would have been in awe.  Total wonder, excitement, joy and the like.  Kind of like a kid at Christmas.  Now, there is a connection.


Jesus touched some people that seemed insignificant.  Here are some of those: the leper of  Luke 5:12, the man withered hand in Luke 6:6, Jarius' daughter met in Luke 8:41, the lady with blood issue who touched Jesus' robe in Luke 8:43 and even the boy who brought his lunch in Luke 9:13 that Jesus used to feed 5,000 plus people.  Incredible times of God making insignificant people significant.


Do we care for the insignificant around us?  LIFE CHANGE HAPPENS when we care for the insignificant.  Read Luke 2:8-20 for the next piece of the story.


The Shepherds were the first people to hear about Jesus' birth.  These are insignificant people.  Many people saw these as the lowest of the low or even outcasts.  But God brought the insignificant in first.  Did you hear that?


I learned from my friend Margaret Feinberg in her new book Scouting the Divine that the shepherds could have even been kids, women, or even people who had issues.  It touches me to see that God wants to use insignificant people to change the world.


Question for ya: do you think you are insignificant?  If you do, you are wrong.  Totally wrong.  With Jesus in your life, you are significant in a big way.  God loves you.  He has forgiven your sin.  He has touched and wants to use your life.


Another question for ya: what are you doing to help the insignificant people around you? Who are they?  Reach out.  Make a difference.  There is someone near you even today that seems insignificant to you or to themselves that needs a lift.


How is your ONE LIFE making a difference?

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