Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts on our Family Devotions

Several people have asked about our family devotion. Thought I'd share
what we do. This is just the way we do things. There are lots of other
methods. Point is, just do it. Lead your kids to see Jesus in all your
family does.

As we begin each family devotion, we read a small part of scriputure,
then we talk about what we read, move on to share something we want to
pray for including praying for someone else and then we take takes

Use an easy translation of the Bible. I use GWT God's Word Translation
because it is very easy. We read through a book of the Bible (John has
been our favorite) and read about a paragraph or from one topic to

Hearing each other pray is huge. Sometimes my kids do a great job.
Sometimes not so good.

The most important part is be consistent. Every day at about the same
time. We either do it at the dinner table or a few minutes before bed

Family devotions have been a huge blessing to our family. Have to
thank my friends, the Ohlerkings, and their "40 Days of Prayer with
the Children" which begins each August 1st. Go to
for more info on their program. Good stuff.

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