Monday, December 21, 2009

We've Arrived

Our family loves Christmas. We spent much of the weekend getting ready
to travel.

The snow was awesome. Yeah, it hampered our service Sunday at The
Community, but our family got to play together in the snow, we got to
worship with a group of friends and had some great moments together.
Now we have arrived in Vidalia where my wife was raised. My mother in
law treated us to a wonderful dinner. Our new puppy is having a ball
and chewing up stuff, like opening presents. Not good. But our
Christmas is set. Last night we got to bless and share with some of
our neighbors. Today we talked about the reason for the season. I'm
planning some more moments of Jesus time. I can't wait. How is Jesus
part of your celebration?

Please pray for my friend Rodney Jamison. He is pastor of Crossroads
Baptist Chapel in Burnsville, West Virginia. They had 3 feet of snow
and have no electricity at present. He also had a car accident today.
Rodney is fine but needs our prayers. The Community adopted Rodney and
his church as our church plant for the year. God is doing great things
in and through Rodney. He is a great man.

More to come. Have a blessed Christmas week!

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