Monday, January 25, 2010

Reflections on the Weekend

Blessed to do what I get to do. I flat love being the pastor of great

We have some of the finest leaders and ministry partners on the planet.

Saturday was our 2nd day of "feeding the hungry" in 2010 and we had 47
guests join us. We have fed 140 + people so far this year. Vicky,
Donna and Gordon are making it happen along with 35 plus volunteers.

Trey & Matt & our worship band did an incredible job in both worship
experiences. Proud of the band. I love the song "Uncontainable"
because of great music and it speaks of the fact we can't contain God
and His work. We are seeing that.

Our first 4th Saturday night Worship was a huge hit with 110 people
present. Awesome. Again great volunteers make a difference. Several
guests we invited & prayed for came. We will do it again next month,
but I'm praying that we will do this every Saturday night. Wow.

Our kids ministry workers are doing a good job. Grateful for Tracy and
her team.

Sunday morning worship had 216 in attendance and was so good. I
preached this weekend about letting God give us His dreams so that we
can meet needs and offer hope to those in need. Have you read 1 Kings
18:39 or Acts 4:14? That's what I'm praying for the people we connect

So, 326 people worshiped at The Community this weekend. Our biggest
crowd ever. Lots of new friends showed up.

We are praying for bigger things and greater days as we strive for
"Dreams Come True" in 2010.

Next weekend we begin a simple series titled "No Perfect People" which
describes our church family pretty well. I'm including me. It is about
the fact that God will use anyone regardless of your past or present

Who are you going to invite to worship with us? Someone needs to see
that they are not outside the reach of God.

Some of the people I'm praying for:
Richard Holland and his family
Burnette Lawson and his wife Marsha
The family of Betty Lawson
Millette Wright and Steve
Frank Harris and his daughter Frances Johnson
For Sarah, Adrienne & Karri who are pregnant.
Our leadership team as we have a meeting Monday night.
Growth spiritually among our Community family & more people seeking
God in our community.
A family in our church with special needs.
A homless man I met last night and another neighbor who has no
My kids to be overwhelmed by how good God is.
My wife to have an incredible and inspiring week teaching preschoolers.
The list goes on and on and on.

The thing I'm most excited about is the fact that God is moving around
us. He is changing lives. Just ahead of us He is going to do even
more. Some of it we haven't even thought of.

Join me and let's get excited about it. I'm about ready to dance about
it now (at 2:15am Monday morning). More to come!

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Judy Harrison said...

I love what you had to say and I love you !

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