Saturday, February 6, 2010

we ARE having CHURCH on Sunday

we ARE having CHURCH on Sunday

Message from: Michael Harrison
Sent to: Entire Church at The Community Fellowship

Be careful as you travel. Stay home if you need to. But we are having community worship tomorrow morning at 10:10am. Several of our church members are still without power. Check on your friends and neighbors and serve them!

CATCH THIS: we will have a special worship service next Wednesday evening at 7pm. More info on Sunday.

Here are some prayer needs:

Please pray for Frances Johnson and her family. Her father, Frank Harris, passed away early Friday morning. She is staying with her mom and is answering her cell phone. Her address is 2631 John Baker Road, Fieldale, VA 24089.

Chester Rumley's father, James Armstrong, funeral has been moved to Monday at 11am at Oak Hill in Bassett. Visitation is at 10 that morning. Chester is the short, slim black man who comes to The Community every Sunday. His address is 41 Ruth Ct., Collinsville, VA 24078.

Jim Fulcher has been on my mind much this week. He hasn't been to church in a while. Please pray for him and contact him. His address is 9 S&L Court, Collinsville, VA 24078

Richard Holland is still fighting cancer and having a tough time. His power went out last night as many people's is or was. Our folks have helped them get a generator and space heaters.

Pass on this info to other Community members.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday morning if you can be at church. Please stay home if you need to or it is not safe. Pass the word about our Wednesday night worship service at 7pm.

Pastor Michael (James 1:5)

Church Community Builder

This message is from The Community Fellowship. The Community Fellowship treats your personal information with the utmost care. To report abuse related to this email, please contact our office at (276) 647-8231 .

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