Wednesday, March 24, 2010

meet Roger Marsh

I just got a call from my friend Roger.  He lives just north of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area in a small town, but this man has a huge heart.  Roger Marsh is the executive director of the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries (  His vision is to help establish ministries at ever motorsports venue in the United States and beyond.  Roger is headed to Martinsville right now as he will be part of our weekend activities with Martinsville Raceway Ministries ( at Martinsville Speedway (  When you meet Roger, you will meet a man who lives with courage, inspiring others and totally devoted to leading people to know Jesus.  His integrity and character are strong.  It is an honor to call Roger my friend and to serve with him.  I hope you will get to meet him soon!  You can get to know Roger Marsh on his facebook page (HERE).  Welcome to Martinsville, Roger Marsh!

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