Friday, March 5, 2010

UNLEASH 2010 tweets (from the afternoon)

here are my TWEETS from UNLEASH afternoon.  Session two with Perry Noble and Breakout session on hiring, firing and creating a great culture for staff.  Follow me on twitter at @michaelharrison 

  1. Who do you have standing around you? @perrynoble 
    When a man of God gathers his leaders around him, he can take the rocks & keep on. @perrynoble 
    PASSION. Acts 14:19 ppl thot Paul was dead. But disciples gathered around him. Ministering to him. @perrynoble
    On your staff--- Keep short accounts. Share expectations. Honor their time. @perrynoble 
    Cast vision and let your staff go. Empower them. @perrynoble
    Your job pastor is to make sure youth ministry and children's ministry is funded. Then stay out of the way. @perrynoble
    Listen to your staff. Reason we r effective is I listen. Ask WHAT DO YOU THINK? @perrynoble 
    Get big vision from God. Want great leaders? Get His big vision. @perrynoble
    Lead with integrity not guilt. Be solid. Be pure. Lead the way in purity. @perrynoble 
    UNITY. Misunderstandings happen. They breed disunity. #Unleash
    Listen to your coaches and not your critics. @perrynoble 
    DISCOURAGEMENT happens. Even when the greatest things happen. @perrynoble 
    Pastor your marriage is the most important marriage in the church. @perrynoble 
    Date your wife because when the church turns it back on you. You will need her. @perrynoble 
    The second most abused person is the pastor's wife. @perrynoble#
    The Bible calls us disobedient if we do not rest. @perrynoble
    One thing that DISTRACTS us is thinking we have to do everything. @perrynoble 
    We often practice self DECEPTION. It is time to get honest with yourself & others. @perrynoble 
    Gen 11:30. Don't be DISTRACTED by your pride, pastor. God will use a humble, desperate servant. @perrynoble 
    When your church is more passionate about plastic than Jesus, we have a problem. @perrynoble 
    When your church is more passionate about plastic than Jesus, we have a problem.
    Churches have agendas other than Jesus today. @perrynoble
    Pastors, Be aware of the DISTRATIONS. @perrynoble 
    If Satan wants to stop a movement, he attacks the leader. @perrynoble 
    Paul got stoned in Acts 14. Not a fellow apostle or the followers. @perrynoble 
    One of the miss understood role in the church is the senior pastor. @perrynoble 
    Awareness. Many times we make mistakes because we are unaware. @perrynoble 
    One problem pastors have is they won't admit their humanity. See Acts 14:15 @perrynoble 
    One problem pastors have is they won't admit their humanity. Acts 14:15 @perrynoble 
    You got to be careful about the crowd. Who thet deify they will crucify. @perrynoble 
    One of the best things a church can do is make sure senior pastor is healthy. @perrynoble 
    The rocks are going to hit you in ministry. Get ready for them. @perrynoble 
    Do you love hearing Jesus speak in your heart? Even if He wrecks my heart I love it. Intimacy with God isn't only possible. Jesus fills us!
    seeing life change will fuel your staff / volunteers to be their best. @jgwilson 
    crystal clear vision will create a positive place for staff AND that vision is happening (seeing lives changed). @jgwilson 
    a christian school is NOT in the future for @newspring --- @jgwilson 
    internship programs go for semester and are paid. @jgwilson
    encourage your staff to take their vacation. 2 wks up to 5yrs, then 3 wks, 11 yr 4wks. @jgwilson 
    they use a 90 day probationary period for new staff. @jgwilson
    challenge ppl to feed themselves. ask what God is doing & where they are. hold each other up. @jgwilson 
    celebrate staff accomplishments. staff of the month. share stories. @jgwilson 
    hire according to your vision (as to what you position you need to fill) @jgwilson 
    we do have spouses or family members working together but not working for one another. @jgwilson 
    don't get benevolence confused with ministry staff (quoting @andystanley ). @jgwilson 
    when staff are not on board with the vision, they are encouraged to leave. still helping them to suceed. be gracious. @jgwilson
    the band are contract lador but a few are few on staff fulltime at @newspring --- @jgwilson 
    every dept has a weekly staff mtg.@jgwilson 
    Perry is evaluated by an internal board who also set his salary. board is chosen by Perry & Sr. mgmt team. @jgwilson 
    firing can be avoided by better leadership. see your staff's lives. protect them. @jgwilson 
    tough conversations are hard but so necesary. our folks need to know their call is to serve God. @jgwilson 
    help ppl get to the place where they are called. where they are passionate. help ppl suceed. @jgwilson 
    discipline OR change is needed with staff because of living in sin or a person is not in area of giftedness. @jgwilson 
    evaluations happen every 6 months. short form with 7 points (productivity, attitude, feedback) communication is big. @jgwilson
    our staff & us need to be the people who are sacrificing more than any1 else. @jgwilson 
    it is important to know that your staff are givers ( @newspringchecks staff giving to check their hearts) @jgwilson 
    set people up for success when they come to work for you. do what it takes to get them to you. (including moving) @jgwilson 
    round 2 of interview is peer interview with department. round 3 is nuts and bolts. @jgwilson 
    shouldn't be easy to get a job in your church. 3 rounds of interviews they use @newspring (superviser identifies person). @jgwilson 
    the person you hire has to fit in well with the team. what is ur gut reaction to a talk with them (oh no? or oh yeah!). @jgwilson
    if a person has character and chemistry, you might have to bring them up to competency & gifted by God for ministry. @jgwilson
    kind of ppl u look for: character, competency and chemistry (the 2 C's from Hybels). @jgwilson 
    look for the ppl n ur church. talented. inspire them. challenge them to step up. @jgwilson 
    you do have those ppl in your church. u must raise them up. they r n ur church. find them. empower them. @jgwilson 
    hiring from within you have some1 who knows you & your vision. @jgwilson 
    hearing stories about what God is doing in the church is awesome. let them share! @jgwilson 
    once a month there is an all staff meeting where @perrynobleunpacks vision to leaders / staff. time to be unified & grow @jgwilson 
    Eph 4:1 --- live a life worthy of the calling you recieved from God. Leaders identify calling. But hold the line high. @jgwilson 
    Paid insurance and retirement (matched up to 3%) at @newspring --- @jgwilson 
    you need to look at the numbers and be honest about spreading staff too thin. @jgwilson 
    Volunteers are vital in ministry and we rely on them in big ways . @jgwilson 
    NOW @newspring has 109 staff members at present (seeking 1:100). 11 other interns. 13.7 million annual budget. 42.6% goes to staffing.
    Notes from the sessions and some breakouts will be on at the end of March and the video will go as well.  This was a great time for many of our folks.

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