Thursday, March 4, 2010

UNLEASH 2010 tweets (from the morning)

here are my TWEETS from UNLEASH morning.  Session one with Perry Noble and Breakout session for Pastor's only.  Follow me on twitter at @michaelharrison
Where in the Bible did they vote on something and it went good? @perrynoble #Unleash
God knows that I'm a moron. I want to err on the side of faith. @perrynoble #Unleash

RT @kenjoslin: When stepping out into faith, the line between faith & foolishnes begins with your motivation. @stevenfurtick #unleash

Every time God put something in me I just knew. I couldn't get away from it. @perrynoble #Unleash

Check your motivation. Why are you doing this? God or me? #Unleash
Preach hurt but not bitter. @perrynoble #Unleash
If someone's throwing a rock at you, you know your doing ministry. @perrynoble #Unleash
Great players play hurt. @perrynoble #Unleash
Fear of being hurt & betrayed keeps us from doing God wants us to do. God has our back. He'll lift us. We must be humble. Ps 3:3 #Unleash
We need to stop comparing ourselves to each other. It's time to start completing each other. #Unleash
Get somebody you can share with. Honor them. Hold each other up. We need each other. @stevenfurtick #Unleash
HONOR is a huge thing. God. Parents. Pastors. Family. Leaders. We need to honor those around us. @stevenfurtick #Unleash
RT @kenjoslin: u can really get ur staff to do crazy things when they see u radically living & walking with Jesus. @stevenfurtick #unleash
People are glad to be behind a leader who walks with Jesus. @perrynoble #Unleash
If your staff know you are following God, they will follow you any where. @perrynoble #Unleash
Be honest with your team. Tell them when you are wrestling with stuff @stevenfurtick #Unleash
RT @patrickcmoore: @pwilson and @wadejoye r sitting next 2 each other @ #unleash. R they long lost twins? :) /// hahaaaaa
Everybody that walks into your church with vision. But we have to hold tight and share the vision God has given us. #Unleash
Sitting with @patrickcmoore in the pastors only session at #Unleash ... This guy walks with Jesus. LifeChurch Franklin, NC is growing!
Don't keep people from doing what God called them to do. Pastor, don't think you have to do it all. @stevenfurtick #Unleash
Listening to @perrynoble & @stevenfurtick answer questions in breakout session for pastors. #Unleash
God died so we could do church His way and not our way. @perrynoble #Unleash
God says, "you think you've seen lots, I have more." it's time to trust & follow Jesus. He wants everything! @perrynoble #Unleash
If you can fully explain what's going on in your church, might mean that God isn't doing a thing. @perrynoble #Unleash
When God shows up, you will have to answer "what happened?" with, "I don't know". It must be God. @perrynoble #Unleash
Be dependent more on the supernatural and not on strategy. @perrynoble #Unleash
One size fits all is a lie. Start listening to Jesus. That's the strategy that will build the church. @perrynoble #Unleash
Fourth. The strategy factor. @perrynoble #Unleash
When we recognize Jesus, we wi do what He wants us to do. @perrynoble #Unleash
Our agenda must be JESUS and nothing else. @perrynoble #Unleash
Are we building our church or God's church? Recognize who He is. Nothing is impossible with Him. @perrynoble #Unleash
One reason we act the way we do as leaders is because we don't recognize Jesus. @perrynoble #Unleash
Be nice & tip well to waitresses on Sunday cuz church ppl keep them out of church by the way we act. @perrynoble #Unleash
Third. The recognitional factor. @perrynoble #Unleash
Are we trying to impress another pastor more than we r trying to reach lost people for Jesus by what we do at church? @perrynoble #Unleash
Another sacrifice is you have to give up your conformity. Why would you conform to something that is dying? @perrynoble #Unleash
How many of you would be willing to give up your life for your kids & grandkids to get to heaven? @perrynoble #Unleash
RT @kenjoslin: Our children's ministries tshirts outta say "This #*+& is awesome!" @perrynoble #unleash // HAHAHA...!!!
The church has to be comfortable with someone who is lost acting lost. @perrynoble #Unleash
God might not want someone to enjoy church. He might want to shock them into repentance. @perrynoble #Unleash
Would we rather have attendance or repentance at church? It's time to sacrifice our comfort. @perrynoble #Unleash
The first thing we need to sacrifice is our comfort. @perrynoble #Unleash
If we want to get where God wants to be, we've got to go to the desperate place. @perrynoble #Unleash
Everybody loves the idea of progress. It's the sacrifice we don't like. @perrynoble #Unleash
Second. The sacrifice factor. @perrynoble #Unleash
When you are broke, it's time to pray. Heb 11:6- without faith it's impossible to please God. @perrynoble #Unleash
If you are following God, your back will always be against the wall financially. @perrynoble #Unleash
God will test you financially. @perrynoble #Unleash
God will constantly put you in places where you have to be desperate for Him. @perrynoble #Unleash
When was the last time you where desperate for God? @perrynoble #Unleash
A place where things are safe and predictible and easy is not Gods call for us. God wants us desperate for Him. @perrynoble #Unleash
First, The desperation factor from the book of Joshua. What a picture! @perrynoble #Unleash
Tired of the church being out done by Disney and others. @perrynoble #Unleash
If we don't jump, the next generation will. @perrynoble #Unleash
#unleash @perrynoble "don't let your fears hold your children back"....

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