Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Access 2010 ... Rick Bezet

More notes from ARC's All Access 2010 conference ...

All Access 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Harvest … Rick Bezet


We need to slow down and see what God wants to say. 


Always live your life with the end in mind because the end is going to come – Billy Graham.


John 4:35 ----


There are going to be times when we forget the harvest.


There are some measuring tools and find out how you are doing in relation to the harvest.




1.  is your church humiliating?


·      The church is the only org that exists for church for those who are not a part.  We have to exist for non members.

·      The Holy Spirit is very good at drawing people to the father.  Sometimes we get in the way and forget.  We can ONLY come to God when we are drawn to God.

·      Lost people loved to be around Jesus.  Even though he was holy, the unholy wanted to be around him.

·      A lot of people in the Bible belt have forgotten they are not perfect.

·      The reason why we forget the harvest is because we forget how the grace of God got a hold of us.

·      The reason why people avoid us at times is because we really don't care.  It is time to care for people.  Somebody has got to love others.

·      Reason why some churches are growing and some aren't is people saying "I'll never got back to church again".

·      Bring unchurched people to church.

·      BE A CHURCH THAT IS NICE.  Ways to grow and care!!!!

·      OPENING COMMENTS ABOUT WORSHIP HOW YOU ARE COMFORTABLE. The music that we play is not what I like because I am not the person we are trying to reach.

·      WORD OF GOD IS CUTTING EDGE AND AHEAD OF ITS TIME. Talk about what relates to people. Speak to them with something they can apply. If you don't, they won't come back.

·      God is looking for people to be real.  That is the best way to relate to people.  People are looking for people who care, connect and are real.


2.  is your church schizophrenic?


·      Some of the church has it together and is doing good and others aren't.  We must be consistent.

·      Getting it together means that people can tell that you love them.


3. are you delusional?


·      Lets not forget about the hurting world around us.

·      Keep in mind what we are here for.  Remember the heart of God.  People are open to the things of God.



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