Thursday, April 22, 2010

softball schedule

2010 softball schedule for The Community (1st portion of the season only)

Monday, Apr 19, 6pm v. Faith
Thursday, Apr 22, 7pm v. Fairway (we ump at 6)
Friday, Apr 30, 7pm v. Victory (we ump at 6)
Thursday, May 6, 6pm v. Sheriff's
Monday, May 10, 6pm v. Fire Dept (we ump at 7)
Thurs, May 20, 7pm v. Comcast (we ump at 6)
Thurs, May 25, 6pm v. FBC Collinsville
Tues, June 1, 7pm v. Comcast
Fri, June 4, 7pm v. Community center
Mon, June 7, 7pm v. seniors

The Community Fellowship, Collinsville, VA  

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