Tuesday, May 25, 2010

James MacDonald speaking at WiBO

The notes below are from www.thewhiteboardsessions.com and a message shared there:

No more bait and switch ... it is time for the church and ministry to know the truth.  Ministry is HARD but it is worth it.

1 Timothy 4:9 --- Paul was alone.  LONELINESS is often a fact.  It is lonely to lead.

DISCOMFORT --- Paul asked them to bring stuff with them when they came to visit.

CONFLICT --- in verse 15 Paul spoke of Alexander who did him much harm.

REJECTION --- seen in verse 16 when Paul says no one came to stand by him.

If we really knew the sweetness of heaven we would all make a beeline to get there.  Ministry is hard but it is worth is.  THE DAY is coming our way when we will be with Jesus.  

We must realize it's not about me.  It's all about JESUS.

James told a great story from his life about conflict at church when someone called him a donkey.  It hurt him deeply and he couldn't stop dwelling on it.  One day he was having lunch with one of his mentors who said "even the donkey Jesus rode on knew the palm branches were for the guy on his back and not for him.

(Read more from James MacDonald here http://www.walkintheword.com/)

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