Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tony Morgan speaking at WiBO

The notes below are from www.thewhiteboardsessions.com and a message shared there:

My calling and our calling as church leaders is to help people take their next steps toward Christ.  Helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus.  Is everything we do doing just that?

People are looking at options.  Sometimes we offer so much that people get stuck.  Too options will lead people to be confused about the next step they should take.  Having fewer options helps people step forward with Jesus.

Tony illustrated this by sharing about a church with tons of ministries.  He also talked about a display at a store of jelly.  One had about 20 jelly jars and the other had 6 jelly jars.  The one with the fewer choices had more people buying them.  

We need to offer fewer and better options for people to step forward with Jesus.

It is easy to measure activity, but it is hard to measure life change.  Yet it can be done. (That was a huge thought for me)

Here are 4 questions we as church leaders must ask about the things we are doing:

1 --- what needs a pulpit announcement?
2 --- what would I not participate in?
3 --- are we reaching people outside the church or just inside?
4 --- where is the fruit? What is God blessing.

(Read more from Tony Morgan here http://tonymorganlive.com/)

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