Friday, July 30, 2010

When Little Things Add Up (guest post)

Post from Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, and posting this on his blog here.  Read on:

When Little Things Add Up.

Although I'm not sure anyone can really "own" a bee, I do keep them in my yard. For years, thousands of these natural wonders have made their home in hives on my property. Like a living garden, they grow and change and to me, reveal God's handiwork. And sometimes, they even teach me a little about teamwork.

Lots of people love honey. Housed in little squeezable bears or golden-colored jars that seem to capture everything that's bright and perfect about the summer, honey is a wonderful treat. But, have you ever thought about what it takes to make honey? Have you ever heard the bee math behind a single pound of it? I assure you, it's astonishing.

To make a single pound of honey, it takes two million flowers. To make a single pound of honey, the bees in my hives will touch and tap two million different flowers. I haven't done an official count of the flowers in my yard or neighborhood, but I have to imagine we've got less than a couple of million. So how far do the bees go to reach those flowers?

They will travel up to 50,000 miles to make a pound of honey.

They will touch two million flowers.

They will each add their own tiny, tiny bit to the miracle of honey until there is a pound.

Have you ever felt like a worker bee? Have you ever felt that maybe you're just one more employee in one more cubicle at one more business? Sometimes, it's easy to forget how important each of us is. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that the little things you do, can have a big impact. Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of the honey.

We all get lost in the crowd from time to time, but the reality is that the work you do is important. As an employee or a parent or a friend, you play a critical role to your team, your family and your friends.

Keep going to those flowers.

Keep traveling the miles, even if it's just in a traffic-jammed commute.

We need you. The world needs you. And honey doesn't happen without lots of teamwork!

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