Thursday, August 12, 2010

bigger than us

He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.

Let's be honest.  Things that are bigger than us always scare us, and we shy away from them.  For some people, they have learned to be be so afraid, but this is something we have all had to deal with.  I have.

There are times that my faith can held back because things seem bigger than me or bigger than I can handle.  Yet if that is the way we look at it, what does it say about our faith in God?  Do we think that anything ties God's hands or holds him back?  The answer is no.  It is always no when it comes to God.  He is bigger than everything and the creator of everything.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

The last week can well be defined for me as a challenge to see that God is bigger then us.  He is bigger and more able than any of us.  Nothing is too hard, too big or too insignificant for our God.  Think about it.

Our back2school outreach was a huge hit that is still having and seeing impact in our community (it will not stop).  That event is bigger than us, bigger than all of us at The Community Fellowship.  It costs more money than we had.  It took more volunteers than we have.  It helped more children than are in our influence.  So, how were we able to have a successful event?  God pulled it off.  He is able and He is big.

The last few days I have met with the national leaders of Raceway Ministries and we have brainstormed, prayed and planned all believing God for things that are bigger than us.  We want to minister to fans at more events and at more locations.  We are asking for more people to be saved and have their lives changed than any of us have seen before.  Money is needed like none of us have raised before.  It is all possible because God is big.  God is able.

I have a dream and vision from God to open The Community Dream Center here in Collinsville, Virginia that will minister to lots of people in all kinds of needs and connect many ministers here in our community.  All of that for one reason: to introduce people to Jesus where real hope comes from.  But that is much bigger than me, bigger than our church and bigger than us.  How is it possible?  We are believing in God who is bigger than all of us.

Stop letting things that are bigger than you stop you from being who God called you to be and doing what God called you to do!  Stop putting God in a box.  Henry Blackaby said in his book Experiencing God that the reason we are not seeing God work is that we are not attempting anything that only God can do.  That makes sense.

Faith leads us to attempt things that are bigger than us because we serve a big God who wants to accomplish more through us than we think is possible.  Believe God.  Live by faith.  Many things are bigger than us but nothing is bigger than God!

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Scott Couchenour said...

Thanks Michael, for this post. I needed to read it and be reminded of just how big God is. (love the picture too!)

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