Friday, August 20, 2010

your help will change a life

Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.

This week I have heard many stories about lives that have been touched and changed.  We make a difference when we see and seize opportunities. The following story came from one of our The Community family yesterday:

Just thought I'd share .....Think I may have helped save a man's life today. I had an mtg for work today along with the other 2 people in Roanoke. When we left around 12, we saw something in the road on 220N. 

As we approached, it was a man! He was laying in the right lane. We pulled into the left lane to miss him and then pulled over. No one stopped for this man, and 220 is busy!  My coworker and I got out of the vehicle, called 911 and ran toward him. 

We were sooo scared that someone would hit him.  When we began running to him, other cars pulled over, but no one dared get out.  They were closer to him.  Some even left before checking to see if he was even ok.  He was convulsing and unresponsive once we got to him.  We were unsure if he had been hit or not, but just tried talking to him.  Fortunately still breathing. 

Someone finally parked their vehicle in the right lane so cars would not hit us or the man.  A lady, familiar in the medical field, was able to figure out that he had a gran mal seizure.  Finally, he was responding, he said that he had a history of seizures.  Another gentleman laid his head on his knee and wrapped him in his coat. 

We were scared to move him.  EMT's finally show up and were able to get him up talking and walking.  He knew his name, he had been walking from NC on his way to Pennsylvania.  He was on his 6th day with nothing but 1 soda to eat/drink.  He allowed treatment and a ride to the hospital, thank God.  I think he may be in Franklin county hospital.

I just don't know what to think of all the people passing him by.  It's sad and what if he would have gotten hit and killed.  There are so many trucks that fly up that road. So, pray this man makes it safely to his destination.  .... Thank you Jesus for his life!

Who is in your path today that you have the opportunity to help?  Step out.  Get out of the car.  Help someone who needs hope!

If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that.

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