Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dream Center perspective: give hope

We put our hope in the Lord.  He is our help and our shield.

Out the window of our room last night was the beauty of Los Angeles. The lights and the sounds were so different from the norm for me and our Virginia community. Yet I notice the people are the same.

A young lady sits by herself this morning eating breakfast and testing from her phone. The LA Dream Center is her home.

An older gentleman sits down beside me. He's from Brooklyn, NY. Sweet but short conversation of the goodness of God and the Dream Center. This is his home right now.

The Hispanic man standing in the corner is ready to help us or clean the table. That's his job. Neat to find out he has family in Pittsylvania County, VA. He's a gentle guy with a great smile. The Dream Center is his home.

Our mission is simple: serve and learn. Our heart is heavy for those who are hurting every where. But we live in Henry County, VA. That's our home, and there are people hurting who have no hope.

All three of those people have found hope in Jesus. Can we spread hope? We can either live life just getting by and putting up with what cones our way or we cab live life and share hope.

Our desire at The Community Fellowship is establish The Community Dream Center. Adding to our ministry of giving clothes, food and acts kindness. Adding things like ministry to kids at risk, to the homeless, to people struggling with finances, to all kinds of people from all walks of like who need that hope that is only found in Jesus.

That's why we are here in Los Angeles, California. I looked out the window this morning and saw the Hollywood sign on a hill off to our right. The world is here. People of the world need hope in Jesus.

Give someone hope today. You might have to stop and talk to them, or feed them or just show you care. Do something right. Give them Jesus. 

And his name will be the hope  of all the world.

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