Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Speak Into Lives

This is a strange picture. Let me explain. The dude is Emilio Cervantes. The other part of the picture is the bottom of a cup at In-n-Out Burger in California (one of the most successful businesses on the west coast). I love it.

Emilio drove an hour and a half to send off our team before our flight home Tuesday. He's not a pastor. He's a business man that has a heart to make a difference in the lives of hurting people in the roughest of Los Angeles' neighborhoods, the Pueblos of south central LA.

For about an hour today Emilio answered a question for our team that left us ready to serve God with more gusto than ever before. You can see my twitter feed from Tuesday for some big ideas from what he said. It was a powerful time.

I'll share more of Emilio's story another time. But one of the pieces that blessed us is a principle we all need to apply. It says that we must serve people and invest I'm their lives with no thought of what you will gain out of it. Let God change lives as He continues to change you.

When we use what God has given us to bless and serve others, God will give us more resources to bless more people. In-n-Out Burger may teach you that. It's a Christian business whose owners are committed to using what they have to serve others. Emilio's life is testimony of that as well. If you only you knew part of it. Have you seen this happen?

For one year now this business man, Emilio, has driven more than an hour one way Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to serve people who are hurting. A people who didn't trust him for a long time. Yet what has come true is this truth, "whoever shows up most in people's lives will win the battle of influence". People have been saved. Broken people have been healed. People who walked away from God have come back to Him. Families have found hope. The stories Emilio shared with us and the people he introduced me to who are not the same scream the fact that God wants to work through us to give others hope.

What am I willing to do or what am I willing to give up or what am I willing to give so that some more people will find hope in Jesus? Take some time and speak into lives. Lives of people who need what only Jesus offers.

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