Wednesday, September 8, 2010

up in the air

Often I'm up in the air about things. On August 7th we served 986 kids in our "back2school" outreach. Since then add another 100 kids who received backpacks and school supplies. This coming Saturday our feeding team and clothes closet team are set to serves 100's of more people. (From 9 to noon on Saturday and you can help.)

No. I'm not up in the air about this because we have our call and vision to "demonstrate the love of God to our community" and are doing that. That's our call, challenge, commitment and courage to follow Jesus.

Yet the week after "back2school" I hit one of those moments where I had to reflect and review on where I am and where I'm going. It's good. But I'm aiming too low at times. I'm leading. But I'm not leafing with the strength and holiness that will take us to the next level. I'm grateful for where we've been and for where we are. But we haven't seen anything yet!

I'm not up in the air about our God. He is good. He is good all the time. But this God who we look at in awe has much more for us. I don't want to miss it. None of it.

What's next? God is holy. I come to God and seek His face only to stand or sit or even fall on my face in awe of God. He's not honored when it's about me. It's all, my life is all, the church is all about Him. Where do I miss Him?

Good question: am I missing greater impact because I'm missing standing in awe of the holiness of God. The answer: yes. Don't mistake this. I'm not up in the air about this.

Our team is up in the air right now headed to serve at the Los Angeles Dream Center. We are going to stand in places we've never stood before and serve people we've never had the opportunity to serve before. I'm set to lead us to stand before God. To stand in awe of His holiness.

Don't miss it. Don't be up in the air about His holiness. God is holy and He loves you. Spend some time there.

Right now, looking out the airplane window I'm listening and seriously in awe in the presence of God literally up in the air and off the charts excited about the steps that my family and The Community must take. But none will be taken outside of sharing time and loving the holiness of God.

Will you join me up in the air?

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