Thursday, October 28, 2010

faith & courage

Proverbs 16:9 GWT
A person may plan his own journey, but the Lord directs his steps.

I am excited about the plans that God continues to show us for The Community Dream Center we will be opening.  We have been given these two homes, and the wheels are turning to get them in shape to be used.  Be listening for an opportunity to serve on Saturday, November the 6th.

Yet as God brings the increase and the plans are rolling forward, and God is giving the direction.  Some of it I see and understand.  Other pieces, I don't understand.  But you can see God's fingers and hear His voice the entire time.

Trusting God is not always easy.  I am a planner.  Some even say that I am a control freak.  I may very well be.  That means that faith and trusting God are that much more real and often not so easy.

So have courage, men! I trust God that everything will turn out as he told me.

Trusting God each step will mean that this will be a smooth journey and that more lives will be touched. More lives will be changed, and that is the cry of my heart.  God is still in the business of changing lives.

If we have courage enough to trust God, we are going to see some incredible things take place.  As I was meeting with an influential person I was reminded that often the vision God has given me and our church seems foolish and intimidating to people on the outside, yet if our vision is not big, it is most likely not from God.

It is time that the world see Jesus do awesome things, and He will do that through our lives when we are people of faith and courage.

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