Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TRUTH: Money Lies

REPORT from Pete Wilson's blog

Ever wonder what money would say if it could talk?

Well, I think money whispers all kinds of lies to us. Lies like…

"If you get more of me you'll finally be satisfied."

"If you make a few more of me you'll finally have that peace that's been eluding you all these years."

But one of the biggest lies I think money tells us in our culture today is, "If you make more of me you'll be more generous."

What a crock!

This is one huge lie and yet some of you have totally bought it. You think the only reason you're not generous is because things are too tight right now. You think "When I make more money than I'm going to give more."

No you're not.

One of the most reliable financial statistics that exists year after year is that lower income people give a higher percentage of their income away. The more you get the harder it is for you to be generous. If you can't be generous when  you make $22,000 you will not be generous when you make $42,000. If you're not generous with $42,000 you certainly won't be generous with $142,000.

If you can't be generous with what you have now you will never be generous with more.

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